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This is my seventh and final blog as guest blogger for Berwick Literary Festival. My debut gig as a literary festival blogger comes to a close. And as I reflect on this opportunity at the age of 58, it’s another indicator of… it’s never too late and you’re never too old. This…(Read More)

In Conversation With… Stephanie Butland, Caroline Roberts, Dave Randall and Colin Young. Not all at once. They constituted three, out of the nine, events I chose to attend last weekend, from 20 – 22 October, at Berwick Literary Festival 2017. Two of the interviewers were Victoria Watson and Helen Wright – local women who were…(Read More)

Join the Guardian Children’s Book Award winner Piers Torday, as he talks about his new book There May Be A Castle, a story about love, loss and the power of imagination. He will tell you how he was inspired to become an author by his father Paul Torday (Salmon Fishing in the Yemen), and…(Read More)

Two well-loved and successful local writers, Stephanie Butland and Caroline Roberts, will discuss their inspirations, the writing process and how to get published. Stephanie, whose latest book Lost for Words was published in April 2017, writes in a studio at the bottom of her garden. Caroline writes contemporary fiction about relationships. Her latest book…(Read More)

Christopher Smith is a retired Anglican priest, living in Berwick, who has always enjoyed the language and the humour of P.G.Wodehouse (also known as ‘Plum’). His talk is an affectionate and light-hearted look at some of the women in Plum’s books, which might hold some surprises for those not familiar with…(Read More)

Richard Moore will be discussing Shakespeare’s use of astronomy as a major factor in ‘Hamlet’ and his approach to witches and the power of evil in ‘Macbeth’. Richard is a part-time university lecturer with a doctorate in English literature and a special interest in the Victorian period. He is also a creative writer…(Read More)

At the last count there are 28 events on the programme at Berwick Literary Festival from Thursday 19 October to Sunday 22 October… and that’s just for the adults. There are seven sessions for children/students and a By Invitation Only competition awards event. Events on everything from playwriting to poetry to prose to…(Read More)