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German Codebreaking in World War Two Christian Jennings is a writer and foreign correspondent whose new book The Third Reich is Listening: Inside German Codebreaking 1939-1945,  focuses on the compelling and fast-paced story of German codemakers and codebreakers in the Second World War, covering their operations from the Battle of the Atlantic to…(Read More)

The Story of Greece and Rome Tony Spawforth is a historian, writer and broadcaster and prof emeritus of Ancient History, Newcastle University UK. He has published (including the one he’ll be talking about) 12 books, academic, reference and popular. In his illustrated talk he will be talking about my latest, trying to persuade his…(Read More)

Sarah Reay: The Half-Shilling Curate, A personal account of war & faith 1914-1918 The Half-Shilling Curate was an Army Chaplain who in 1915 was attached to the DLI & Northumberland Fusiliers. His descriptive account, from his own personal letters and writings, illustrates the value of love and faith during the Great War…(Read More)