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German Codebreaking in World War Two Christian Jennings is a writer and foreign correspondent whose new book The Third Reich is Listening: Inside German Codebreaking 1939-1945,  focuses on the compelling and fast-paced story of German codemakers and codebreakers in the Second World War, covering their operations from the Battle of the Atlantic to…(Read More)

Edwin Muir – One Foot in Eden Muir, an outstanding poet, author of an elegiac autobiography, translated Kafka and lived a tortured life travelling Europe with Willa, his wife, also a writer.  Stephen Platten, sometime Bishop of Wakefield, lives in London and Berwick and writes widely on culture, literature and theology.   &nbsp…(Read More)

John Mackay Wilson (1804-1835) – the Writer of Tales of the Borders and Editor of the Berwick Advertiser 1832-1835 At this turbulent stage in British history, Wilson wrote his hugely popular Tales of the Borders and transformed the Advertiser writing, for example, controversial editorials on the Great Reform Act and the Freemen of Berwick…(Read More)

A Farmer’s Boy Award winning journalist Fordyce Maxwell considers half a century of dramatic change in two businesses he knows intimately – farming and journalism. In spite of being a Berwick Rangers supporter, an England cricket fan and the oldest of a family of nine brought up on a small farm he remains an optimist…(Read More)

Children’s Book Panel A panel of accomplished local artists and writers will each give a short presentation which will be followed by a panel talk hosted by an academic specialist in this field. They will discuss what Berwick has to offer for illustrators, what attracted this huge amount of talent to the town &amp…(Read More)

Poppy Holden weaves together landscape, history and mythology with photographs of the beautiful settings in which these stories took place, and fine recordings and live performances of the ballads. Poppy Holden is an internationally renowned singer and teacher, whose book of these border ballads is due out shortly, with wood engravings by Chris Daunt…(Read More)

What is Persian Cooking All About Maryam Sinaiee was born in Tehran, Iran. She learned to cook from her mother and extended family, and is passionate about Persian history and cuisine. She moved to the UK in 2011 and started a food blog, The Persian Fusion, which is now one of the most popular Persian…(Read More)

Sarah Reay: The Half-Shilling Curate, A personal account of war & faith 1914-1918 The Half-Shilling Curate was an Army Chaplain who in 1915 was attached to the DLI & Northumberland Fusiliers. His descriptive account, from his own personal letters and writings, illustrates the value of love and faith during the Great War…(Read More)