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In Conversation With… Stephanie Butland, Caroline Roberts, Dave Randall and Colin Young. Not all at once. They constituted three, out of the nine, events I chose to attend last weekend, from 20 – 22 October, at Berwick Literary Festival 2017. Two of the interviewers were Victoria Watson and Helen Wright – local women who were…(Read More)

Dave Randall has toured the world playing guitar with Faithless, Sinead O’Connor and many others. Sound System is his book of raves, riots and revolution. It sheds light on the secrets of celebrity, commodification and culture, and poses the question: how can we make music serve the interests of the many, rather than the…(Read More)

Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones is an emeritus professor of history at Edinburgh University and the prize-winning author of fifteen books. His talk will be about the history of surveillance in the United States and Britain, and he will argue that our privacy is under threat not just from state spookery, but from private snooping practices…(Read More)

Peter Townsend is a Physicist with a diverse background in applications from optics, ion implantation, lasers, and luminescence, to cancer detection and music. His latest book, The Dark Side of Technology from OUP, looks beyond innovation to known and potential dangers frominformation loss, social isolation, and events that threaten our very survival…(Read More)

At the last count there are 28 events on the programme at Berwick Literary Festival from Thursday 19 October to Sunday 22 October… and that’s just for the adults. There are seven sessions for children/students and a By Invitation Only competition awards event. Events on everything from playwriting to poetry to prose to…(Read More)