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This is my seventh and final blog as guest blogger for Berwick Literary Festival. My debut gig as a literary festival blogger comes to a close. And as I reflect on this opportunity at the age of 58, it’s another indicator of… it’s never too late and you’re never too old. This…(Read More)

Ode Again


ODE AGAIN Saturday. BLF Well this be it. My Ode day. There’s a little flutter of excitement as I head off to St Aidan’s Hall for a workshop entitled In Praise of the Ode to be facilitated by Anne Ryland, award winning poet and teacher, We were a group of twelve and Anne…(Read More)

Wordsmiths, Mind Sets and Moving Pictures Friday at BLF In a packed session at Holy Trinity Parish Centre, Mary Manley the founder of a treasured wordsmith sanctuary in Alnwick, aka Barter Books, gave a witty and informative account of the development of her second hand bookshop based in the old railway station. Mary talked about…(Read More)

Fiona Anderson lectures at Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh. In her fascinating new book, Tweed, she explores the design and cultural history of these textiles from the 1820s to the present day. Fiona’s talk will introduce her significant new research on all types of tweeds, from Harris Tweed to the type famously…(Read More)

Peter Townsend is a Physicist with a diverse background in applications from optics, ion implantation, lasers, and luminescence, to cancer detection and music. His latest book, The Dark Side of Technology from OUP, looks beyond innovation to known and potential dangers frominformation loss, social isolation, and events that threaten our very survival…(Read More)

Christopher Smith is a retired Anglican priest, living in Berwick, who has always enjoyed the language and the humour of P.G.Wodehouse (also known as ‘Plum’). His talk is an affectionate and light-hearted look at some of the women in Plum’s books, which might hold some surprises for those not familiar with…(Read More)

Torben Betts is an award-winning English playwright whose recent plays include Invincible (UK and worldwide), Get Carter (Northern Stage and UK tour), What Falls Apart (Live Theatre) and The Seagull (Regent’s Park Open Air.) He also wrote the screenplay for the feature film Downhill (2014). He will be talking about the art of…(Read More)

For nearly 25 years, Iain has worked in a galaxy far, far away – the past 10 from a shed in his garden here in Berwick. As well as creating official Star Wars material, he has written for videogames, tabletop games, and even been a journalist. Interviewed by local comedy writer and performer Mark Vevers,…(Read More)

Richard Moore will be discussing Shakespeare’s use of astronomy as a major factor in ‘Hamlet’ and his approach to witches and the power of evil in ‘Macbeth’. Richard is a part-time university lecturer with a doctorate in English literature and a special interest in the Victorian period. He is also a creative writer…(Read More)